Hari Menon

Namaste. Welcome to my personal space on the world wide web!

Welcome and Namaste!

I am a polyglot developer and have been hacking at things for almost twelve years now at the time of updating this page. I love building things with technology, especially, architecting scalable, highly performant, multi-tier solutions and I strive for rich user experiences in all of the applications I build.

C# and .NET has been my bread and butter for quite some time now, with increasing focus into Microsoft Azure, Windows Store apps and a little bit of cross-platform fun with Xamarin. I am excited that the projects from my mainstream job has been allowing me to work with more of iOS/Android/Web development projects these days.

Outside of my day-job, I have also been contributing to a few Open Source projects - especially in node.js/.NET/iOS/Android/Web categories and would definitely love to keep doing more of these. Have done a fair bit of Angular.js & ember.js and using these to write powerful web and/or mobile apps (with tools like PhoneGap) is what’s been keeping me busy off late.

Swift, the new language from Apple for iOS/Mac OS X development is definitely much more excitng and interesting than working with its kludgy predecessor - Objective-C. JavaScript, C#, Java, Swift, Objective-C are the languages that I work with and love them possibly in that order. WebStorm from JetBrains has been my favorite IDE for quite some time now and Visual Studio (along with ReSharper from JetBrains) is also one the best development tools I have used.

Android Studio from Google (built on the IntelliJ platform from JetBrains) is what I use for the little bit of Android development I do. I have played around a little with AppCode (JetBrains again) - waiting for the Swift support to be more mature there. Xcode from Apple is what I have to rely on for the iOS apps that I create - and it definitely makes you yearn for more JetBrains kinda features for refactoring, navigation etc.


These are the few that I think are worthy of a mention here:

  • flickr downloadr - A flickr download manager for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux conceived from a personal need.
  • Bhagavad Gita - Android, iOS, Apple iBooks and web versions of Srimad Bhagavad Gita in Malayalam.
  • Cached Image - A WPF control that wraps the native Image control to enable file-system based caching.
  • lzwCompress.js - A compression utility spun off from one of the projects I worked for.
  • Mantis CI - Android & iOS applications (done in PhoneGap and ember.js) for Travis CI (not maintaining this anymore).

Check out my GitHub profile for all the stuff that I fork and push to.

Contact Me

You could find a few links to my profiles on some of the tech/social sites under the ‘About Me’ section. You could leave a comment here or send me an email to ‘me@<this-site’s-domain>’.


This blog is built with Octopress and is being built dynamically every time the source repository is modified and pushed to.

The content of the old home page has been archived here, and it’s preserved in its exact form at blogger! You could also see the history of this page on GitHub

Have a beautiful day!

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