Hari Menon

Namaste. Welcome to my personal space on the world wide web!


I am a software developer and have been one for more than a decade now at the time of this writing. I love web technologies in general with a growing favoritism towards the richness on the client side stuff; and have had quite a few years worth of .NET/C# exposure as well.

Outside of my day-job, I have been doing a little bit of Android/iOS/PhoneGap/jQuery-Mobile kinda stuff off late and would love to keep doing more of these. I have also done a fair bit of ember.js and also some knockout.js and using these for writing powerful mobile apps with Cordova/PhoneGap is what’s been keeping me busy off late. Learning Ruby has been another thing I’ve been yearning to do for quite some time and I hope I would get around to doing that real soon. I have also done a more-than-fair share of good ol’ mainframes for the first few years, and would like to see that as a bygone past!

I love StackOverflow, GitHub, Hacker News and Twitter (not necessarily in that order).

I hope to be a CTO-ish someone of something-big, founded by myself, one day!


The few that are worthy of mention:

  • Mantis CI - Android & iOS applications (done in PhoneGap and ember.js) for Travis CI.
  • flickr downloadr - A flickr download manager for Windows, conceived from a personal need.
  • lzwCompress.js - A compression utility spun off from one of the projects I worked for.

Check out my GitHub profile for all the stuff that I fork and push to.

Contact Me

You could find a few links to my profiles on some of the tech/social sites under the ‘About Me’ section. You could leave a comment here or send me an email to ‘me@<this-site’s-domain>’.

Little History

The content of the old home page has been archived here, and it’s preserved in its exact form at blogger!

Have a beautiful day!

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